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South American culture: bringing the music home with you

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Any trip to South America is going to satisfy the hungriest of cultural appetites. Whether it’s history, art, great literature, dance or music that’s desired, it is scattered liberally throughout South America. When we think of South American Music, many sounds enter our heads. All the individual countries have traditional music styles inextricably linked to […]

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Majorca’s Top Cultural Attractions!

Majorca, also known as Mallorca (in Spanish), is one of the most popular Mediterranean Islands belonging to Spain, as well as being the largest Island in the Balearic archipelago. Famous for its characteristic natural beauty, offering tourists a stunning coastline along with a scenic view of plains and mountains, Majorca is undoubtedly a popular destination […]

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Eastern Europe as a Budget Travel Destination

Budapest, Hungary

Most of the popular tourist destinations in Europe are located on the Western end of the continent. Cities like Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Florence. All of these are located in what’s considered Western Europe. Yet, Eastern Europe has its own bounty of wonderful cities and attractions, and it’s almost always much cheaper […]

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Get more from your travel money

tropical beach

Anywhere you can save money regarding your holiday will make sure that you have more to spend when you go away. This goes for finding the right deal when booking, getting as much included as you can and avoiding tourist traps when you get there. What are the best ways you can get your money […]

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Budget Travel Ideas: Traveling and Working in Canada

traveling and working in Canada

Visitors to North America have a tendency to neglect Canada, which is unfortunate because in some respects the country has more to offer in terms of natural diversity. In addition, there is no shortage of cosmopolitan cities and incubators of culture. What makes Canada particularly enticing to the long-term traveler, however, is the relative ease […]

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5 Best Animal Encounters In Latin America

snorkeling in Mexico

Animal lovers on holiday in Latin America have so many opportunities to choose from. Whether you’re shaking paws with a tiger in Argentina or counting the colours in the wing of a toucan in Costa Rica, here are the five best animal encounters in Latin America. Lujan Zoo, Buenos Aires, Argentina Bestowed with the dubious […]

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Pike Fishing in Canada Explored

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If you are looking to get away from it all whilst simultaneously indulging in a spot of glorious pike fishing, there’s only one place for you to go, and that is Canada, the Great White North! Get away from the stresses of the city life and the everyday monotony of work and take a vacation […]

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Easy Ways to Save Money in Oslo

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Norway is a beautiful country filled with great activities and natural attractions that are a great way to spend your holiday seeing. The capital, Oslo, however is ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world. This guide will endeavour to make your trip less painful on your wallet while still giving you […]

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X Budget Hotels and Hostels in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a traveller’s paradise. Not only is it a stunning city, offering history, architecture and great entertainment around every corner, but there are also a number of cheap and cheerful places to stay too! As the capital of Holland, the city always lives up to its reputation, and because it experiences millions of visitors […]

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Travel hacking: searching for the perfect flight

travel hacking

We have shared countless flight tips on the site, but it seems there are always some new strategies or some new resources that you can put into play. In this post, we will explain a few more things that you can do to ensure that you get the cheapest flight possible. Know when to use […]

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